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Kestrel 3000Kestrel 3000

Awareness of your environment is the best way to safeguard any outdoor adventure. The Kestrel 3000 is a compact weather sensor which offers accurate, easy to read measurements. Wind speed (up to 89 mph), is measured using an ultra light aluminum impeller mounted in sapphire bearings, which provide highly accurate readings and the ability to measure even the slightest breeze. Built in temperature and humidity sensors provide these measurements and allow the unit to calculate windchill and dewpoint. The unit is water resistant and floats, making it ideal for land or water activities. A protective case and neck lanyard keep the unit safe when not in use. Measures 4 3/4" v 1 3/4" x 1/2".

Skymate AnemometerSkymate Anemometer

Measure wind speed and temperature with the hand-held Skymate anemometer. The unit will display wind speed in MPH, KPH, Knots, meters/second, feet/minute, and Beaufort. The built in thermometer will measure the temperature and display it in degrees F or degrees C, as well as calculate windchill. The folding protective cover extends the length of the unit to 9", making it easier to grasp. Mount the unit on your tripod to collect readings when conditions make it difficult to hold in your hands. The water resistant colorful unit

Hand Held Lightning DetectorHand Held Lightning Detector

The Hand Held Lightning Detector uses a sophisticated microchip to detect cloud to ground lightning as far away as 40 miles. Four LED's are ranged in miles from 0-3, 3-8, 8-20 and 20-40 to let you know whether the storms are moving towards or away from your position. The unit also has a severe thunderstorm mode which activates a warning light and special tone, alerting you to take immediate action. A range select allows the user to choose the range at which the unit will alarm. If you spend any time outdoors, or are responsible for people whop do, don't get caught unprepared. An optional AC adapter, wall mount and carrying case with belt loop are also available.

The SherpaThe Sherpa

Outdoor enthusiasts always need to keep an eye on local weather. This palm-sized weather station is highly portable and will keep track of current and forecasted conditions. Its many features include: * Altitude measured in feet or meters, for heights up to 30,000', with a resolution of 3 feet (1 meter). * Barometric pressure displayed in inches of mercury (inHg) or HPa, with trend graph for the past 16 hours. * Temperature in degrees F or C, and wind-chill. * Wind speed from 0-89 mph. * Clock * Floating water resistant case. The unit measures 4"L x 1 3/4"W x 1/2"D. Requires one coin cell battery (not included). Guaranteed for life.

Maximum Maestro 2-SMaximum Maestro 2-S

Maximum, Inc. has a long history of building quality weather instruments of outstanding value. For wind speed and direction, the Maestro 2-S is your clear choice. Wind direction is plainly visible with LED's, while the wind speed has two scales for precise measurement. The unique gust register allows you to monitor the highest gusts when you're not there to see it yourself. Cable, external sensors and mounting hardware included. Measures 6" in diameter and available with a spun aluminum (shown) or matte black face. Housed in a solid brass case.

Newport Rain MonitorNewport Rain Monitor

When we first saw this product a few months back, we knew it would be a great addition to our catalog. With the capacity to transmit from the rain collector to the display unit from up to 100' away without the use of cables, monitoring rain levels for your lawn and garden has never been easier. The display in this unit will tell you rainfall levels for the last 24 hours or since the last reset while the LCD bar graph illustrates the last 6 days, weeks or months. The display can be table or wall mounted and operates on 2 AAA batteries while the self-emptying rain collector operates on 2 AA batteries (not included).

All Weather Rain GaugeAll Weather Rain Gauge

Measure precipitation to the hundreth of an inch in this acrylic rain gauge. Rain collects in the inner tube, then once an inch has fallen, overflows to the outer cylinder. The unit will hold up to a total of five inches of precipitation. Mounts easily to a post and measures 14 1/2"H x 4" in diameter.

Watermark Rain GaugeWatermark Rain Gauge

This artistic rain gauge will add a nice touch to your yard or garden. As the rain level increases, an acrylic tube will rise up out of the fluted copper base, revealing the current rain measurement. Over time, the copper flute will acquire a rich patina. Gauge measures 23 1/2" high, including ground stake.

Polished Rain GaugePolished Rain Gauge

Our attractive Brass Rain Gauges are ideal to use for monitoring the amount of water your lawn or garden has received. Classically designed with brass or verdigris accents and hardware, either style can be easily post or ground mounted. Markings for both inches and centimeters line the side. Guaranteed for life, they measure 6 3/4" high. Select from polished (left) or verdigris (right) finish.

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