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Earth Station SoftwareEarth Station Software

At no time in history has weather information from so many sources been available to so many people. EarthStation 2000 opens the door to high-resolution weather, earth and ocean satellite imagery and weather charts covering almost any location on earth. Stunning satellite imagery permits you to monitor weather and earth conditions as they develop anywhere in the world and prepare for changing weather conditions in your location. And these aren't just pretty pictures. EarthStation allows you to quickly and easily add map overlays, cloud and surface temperatures, weather-referenced waypoints, and much more to the images you've acquired, for free, from special Internet sites. Cloud temperatures display cloud layers, centers of active storm development, frontal boundaries and areas of high and low pressure. Visible channels reveal subtle cloud and weather features such as fog and high level cirrus. Almost unbelievable land and ocean temperature details in high resolution satellite imagery. Rivers, lakes, flooding, eddies, currents and temperature gradients jump off the screen. Interactive Chart Mapping converts your weather charts into dynamic tools permitting real-time bearing and range measurements to approaching storms and weather fronts, then window these charts alongside of acquired imagery to compare predicted weather behavior to what's actually happening. The built-in Hurricane Tracking module permits you to animate paths and characteristics of historical hurricanes as well as monitor current storms and their intensities relative to the location of your home, school or office. Requires a Windows 486 PC or higher with a CD ROM drive and modem with internet access.


Global TracksGlobal Tracks

Global Tracks provides worldwide hurricane and typhoon tracking and analysis for the PC. It contains over 10,000 historical tracks of hurricanes and typhoons, dating back as far as the late 1800's. The software will automatically log onto the internet and obtain the current hurricane and typhoon information and plot it on your maps, or you can manually enter the plotting data. There is a distance calculator that will tell you the precise distance from the eye to any point on the map you choose. Color maps can be generated for any location in the world on almost any scale. It also displays the closest point of approach to any selected city and can overlay past storms over current to match patterns. Easy to use, Global Tracks requires a 486 PC or higher with a CD-Rom drive and modem with internet access.


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