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Tired of wasting your money on umbrellas that flip inside out and tear every time a strong gust of wind goes by? Our new Windbrella has revolutionized the umbrella industry. Even in gale force winds, this umbrella will not turn inside out! The secret is it's innovative double canopy design where the mesh venting system in the lower canopy allows the wind to pass through while the upper canopy keeps the rainout. The reinforced fiberglass shaft is lightweight and provides extra strength. The ribs and spreaders under the canopy will not crimp, rust or bend out of shape. The nylon canopies are specially treated to resist fading and the impressive 62" arc offers plenty of protection from the elements. Since it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, this is simply the last umbrella you'll ever need to buy. Available in hunter/cream (shown), navy/white, solid black, balck/white, black/red, or red/white.

Folding WindbrellaFolding Windbrella

Finally, a folding umbrella that can stand up to just about anything! Based on our full-sized WindBrella, the double canopy design and mesh ventilation system keeps this umbrella from turning inside out even in winds of 50mph! Its compact size, however, allows you to stuff it into your briefcase or bag. When folded, the umbrella measures 15 1/2" long. Fully extended, the 35" arc offers ample protection. And unlike most umbrellas, the contoured handle is large enough for your hand to comfortably hold, while the attached lanyard offers additional security. Available in navy (shown), black, hunter green, burgundy, red, or tan.


Men are a simple breed. We like tools and electronic gadgets. Combine them, and we're in heaven. The I-Quip (Intelligent Equipment), from Imperial Schrade, brings us a single piece of equipment that will have any man glowing with pride. The list of features is quite impressive. The computer module twists off from the main body (while connected by a lanyard) to reveal a clock with stopwatch, alarm and backlight; a digital compass with declination; an altimeter for use up to15,000 feet with rate of vertical ascent or descent; a barometer with absolute or sea level pressure as well as the amount of pressure change with pressure tendency arrow; and a thermometer. Constructed of anodized aluminum and thermoplastic rubber for maximum gripping and shock absorption, the "pod" contains eight handy tools from screwdrivers to saws and can openers. There's even a red LED flashlight, signal mirror, survival whistle, storage compartment for a Bic lighter and a belt clip. Weighs 8 ounces and measures 4" by 2" by 1".

Snow GripsSnow Grips

Bad weather can catch any of us off guard. Snow grips are a convenient source of help to get you out of a sticky situation. Convenient and simple to use, they provide great temporary traction, are easy to install, and are designed to fit most cars, minivans, suv's and light trucks. Two grips and an installation tool are packaged in a durable carrying case.

Pair of Weather SticksPair of Weather Sticks

Besides being a great conversation piece, these weather sticks really work!!! We've had customers come into our retail store to tell us that they've had their weather stick for 12 years before it finally broke and they just can't live without another one. The sticks will point up during fair weather and point downwards during inclement weather. For $9.95, we'll send you a pair of these great weather forecasters.

Brunton Multi NavigatorBrunton Multi Navigator

The altimeter is accurate to within 3 feet, can be used from -2,300' to 30,000', and displays rate of change and max/min altitudes visited. The navigation function includes StraightHome, a simple one button find your way back home feature, up to 1,000 stored waypoints, 10 reversible routes with up to 100 waypoints each, 107 map datum’s and more than 10 map grids. The GPS receiver has a 12-channel parallel receiver, a position update rate of once per second, and accuracy of 30' and a reacquisition of lost satellite signal of approximately 0.1 seconds.

Spectator WindbrellaSpectator Windbrella

From soccer games to the golf course, this umbrella is indispensable to anyone who spends their time outdoors. All the great features found in our popular full-sized Windbrella (see page 2) have been enhanced with the revolutionary Solartek fabric found in the Beach Windbrella. This innovative design offers protection from the rain as well as damaging UV radiation and reduces the temperature underneath by 10-15 degrees. The 62" double canopy arc is in matte silver with a hunter green lining and measures only 41" when folded. Now you can be out on the sidelines all day, any day.

TrailDrop Compass & ThermometerTrailDrop Compass & Thermometer

Every outdoor enthusiast knows that the right gear is essential for a successful adventure. The Compass/Thermometer combines two basic survival items (plus a few extra amenities) into this compact, hi-resolution, orienteering device. Featuring a back lit, digital compass with level bubble and rotating navigational bezel, a dual time zone 12/24 hour clock with 2 daily alarms, a calendar, a timer and chronograph, plus a built in F/C selectable thermometer. The unit measures 2 ¾" by 1 ¾" and is water resistant up to 100 feet. Operates on one lithium coin cell battery (included).

Ultimate Pocket LightUltimate Pocket Light

This light works so hard, it never turns off. New circuitry technology allows the battery to last 20 times longer than it would in a regular flashlight, allowing it to operate in its "always on" glow mode for two years. Three additional modes: medium intensity, high intensity and high intensity strobe make this light so versatile, you'll want to take it everywhere. Uses super power LED's and operates on 1 9V battery (included). Measures 3" by 1 1/4" by 1", weighs only 3 ounces and includes a lanyard. Choose from black (w/ white LED), blue (w/ blue LED) or red (w/ red LED).

Lazer LanternsLazer Lanterns

The LazerBrite multi-function lighting system is the most versatile multi-purpose flashlight available. The inventive combination of two removable micro-lanterns with a center glow tube creates a handy lighting tool that performs eight tasks in one. Use each lantern as an independent wide angle flashlight, combine them with the glow tube to create a safe candle lantern, a focused spot light, a dazzling bright signal tube, a signal light with flashlight; or, with multiple units connected together, a signal baton. All units are packaged with one glow tube and two micro-lanterns. The Red micro-lantern, which emits a 20’ beam, is considered the best color light for night vision and is standard with all units. Choose from one of the following companion colors: Green (which emits a 50’ beam and is the brightest color); Blue (with a 40’ beam); or White (which provides a full color response for your eyes and gives off a 25’ beam). Each micro-lantern operates on a long life lithium coin cell batteries (included), and the LED light bulbs never need replacing. Weighs a total of 3 oz. and measures 8 ½" at its greatest length.

Lazer StiksLazer Stiks

The Lazer Stik is what chemical light sticks want to be when they grow up. Producing a brilliant steady glow that's highly visible in the dark, the Lazer Stik is perfect for nighttime activity and emergency use. Visible over 1,500', this unit is waterproof to 300', will not affect night vision and can be reused time after time. Great for power outages, auto breakdowns, camping and backpacking, and hunting and fishing. Measures 5 3/4" x 7/8". Operates on 3 button-cell batteries (included) and is available in red or yellow.

Car Cozy Heated Car BlanketCar Cozy Heated Car Blanket

The Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket is the ideal travel companion for all weather conditions. Offering comfort and warmth, its 42" by 58" size is large enough for two people. This high quality fleece blanket features an 8’ power cord which simply plugs in to your vehicles cigarette lighter.

Split'n Kindling SetSplit'n Kindling Set

These are the tools men love to brag about. Our Split'n Kindling Set from Snow & Nealley is so well crafted, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Included is the Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe which has a classic Hudson Bay head design and an 18" handle. The Mini Maul is perfect for smaller splitting jobs using its 18" handle and 3lb. head. A perfect gift for the man in your life.

Weather Worthy BinocularsWeather Worthy Binoculars

This nifty compact binocular performs like a champ in any weather conditions. It's nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed for 100% protection against water and internal lens fogging while 8-power optics feature high-grade BAK-4 prisms and anti-reflection coatings for great light transmission. Ergonomically designed with rubberized grip mats and finger recesses, this unit is simple to hold on to in the worst of conditions. Other great features include a generous field of view, pull-up eyecups, one-finger focus, padded neck strap and nylon carrying case.

Stormproof LightersStormproof Lighters

When the outside elements are fiercest, this lighter continues to perform at peak performance. Cold, rain and 80 mph winds are no match as this lighter uses a Piezo electronic ignition system (good for over 30,000 ignitions), water resistant seals and an adjustable flame for different altitudes. Uses refillable butane gas fuel, weighs 1.1 ounces and measures 2 1/16" by 1 3/4" by 1 5/8". Available in Ruby Red, Topaz Yellow, Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue.

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