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The Rockport Tide Clock/BarometerThe Rockport Tide Clock/Barometer

For those areas with two discernable high and low tides per day (primarily the east coast), this attractive weather station features everything you need to plan your trip on the ocean. The barometer will help forecast the conditions for the next 12-24 hours by displaying the pressure in inches of mercury (inHg), millibars(mb), and traditional nomenclature (Fair, Change, Stormy, Dry). A handy thermometer will keep you informed of the current indoor temperature. The tide clock indicates the tides of the ocean, high and low, twice every 24 hours and fifty minutes. Available in solid oak (shown) or stained mahogany, the unit can be hung vertically or horizontally. Measures 11 1/2" x 7".

East Coast Tide ClockEast Coast Tide Clock

If you're fortunate enough to live by the Atlantic Ocean, you know that the ocean has its own schedule. The moon teases us by pulling the water to and from the shore using its gravitational pull, twice every twenty four hour fifty minutes. Our handy tide clock keeps track of this for you, so you can concentrate on more important things, like when the fish are biting at the inlet or when to take the grandchildren searching for starfish. Available in solid oak or stained mahogany (shown) with brass colored bezel. Measures 8" in diameter.

Maximum HarborMasterMaximum HarborMaster

The Harbormaster is an east coast tide clock with patented quartz movement. The easy to read dial will let you know how many hours remain until the next high or low tide. Measures 6" in diameter and available with a spun aluminum or matte black face (shown). Housed in a solid brass case.

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