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Lighthouse ClockLighthouse Clock

This striking solid brass lighthouse clock will forever stand at attention on your desk reminding you of fond memories of the ocean coast. Standing 8 1/2" high, this beacon is mounted on a 4" square solid mahogany stained base and has a precision quartz clock movement.

Fresnel LensFresnel Lens

The Fresnel lens, developed in 1822, was the premier lighthouse lens ever developed and sat atop many of the world’s most famous lighthouses. This magnificent model measures 8.5” x 4.5” and features a flashing light, glass lens and a hardwood base. Uses 2 AA batteries (included).

Ultimate Pocket LightUltimate Pocket Light

This light works so hard, it never turns off. New circuitry technology allows the battery to last 20 times longer than it would in a regular flashlight, allowing it to operate in its "always on" glow mode for two years. Three additional modes: medium intensity, high intensity and high intensity strobe make this light so versatile, you'll want to take it everywhere. Uses super power LED's and operates on 1 9V battery (included). Measures 3" by 1 1/4" by 1", weighs only 3 ounces and includes a lanyard. Choose from black (w/ white LED), blue (w/ blue LED) or red (w/ red LED).

Wall Mounted WeatherglassWall Mounted Weatherglass

During the Renaissance, scientists discovered the principle that weather was influenced by air pressure. Our handblown weatherglass (above left) is a true replica of early 16th and 17th century domestic barometers. It functions as well as it did centuries ago, unfailingly indicating changes in atmospheric pressure. Fill with colored water and check the weather by looking at the level of liquid in the spout. A high water level in the spout indicates an approaching storm, while a low level means nice, fair weather. Comes with a Brass dropcatcher to catch fallout of extremely heavy weather fronts, such as a severe thunderstorm. Mounts easily to any wall Size: 12 1/2" long and 4" deep.

Elan Desk FanElan Desk Fan

This revolutionary fan produces a remarkably quiet but powerful cooling breeze. Measuring 8"in diameter, the five soft-edged aerodynamic blades stop and flex when touched, protecting curious fingers from harm. The adjustable head stands 9 ˝" high, tilts 15° above horizontal to 25° below horizontal and features four energy efficient speeds. A six foot AC power cord is included. Choose from Champagne/Yellow or Silver/Night Blue.

MiniMax Portable FanMiniMax Portable Fan

This fan may be small but it really packs a punch! The patented finger safe blade measures 4 ˝" in diameter, offers variable speed control with an adjustable fan angle, and produces an impressive air flow for such a compact unit. The extremely efficient DC motor draws very little current from the battery source, resulting in an incredibly long battery life (up to 300 hours). Measures 5 ˝" by 5 ˝"” by 3 ˝" when folded, and operates on 4 “D” batteries (not included) or with our optional A/C adaptor.

Tornado PetTornado Pet

Create a tornado right on your desktop with the Tornado Pet. Measures 71/2" high, and is AC powered with a switch to vary the tornado intensity.

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