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Tabletop WeatherglassTabletop Weatherglass

An early glass barometer, dating back to the 17th century, is one of the few antique scientific instruments still popular today. The handblown glass accurately forecasts weather hours in advance. Fill with colored water and check the weather by looking at the level of the liquid in the spout. A high water level in the spout indicates a low pressure area: approaching storm. A low level indicated high pressure: nice, fair weather. Comes with a brass dropcatcher to catch fall-out of extremely heavy weather fronts, such as severe thunderstorms. The water bottle hangs from a beautiful brass and wood stand that will create a conversation in any room. Size: 12 1/2" high and 6" diameter.

Water Barometer Weather StationWater Barometer Weather Station

Our newest water barometer (Item# WA1262) is destined to become a favorite. While it includes a graceful weather glass, this unit also features a thermometer/hygrometer at the top of the unit to add that extra bit of function. It features a mahogany stained hardwood base and a glass dropcatcher to collect any dribbles from those very low pressure days. Measures 17 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 4 1/2".

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