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Euro Weather StationEuro Weather Station

Unique European styling makes it appear as if the brass accented thermometer and barometer in this piece are floating in air. Much as a good frame compliments a photo, the synthetic frame and clear backing on this unit puts the emphasis where it needs to be - on the instruments. Measures 11" by 6" with 4" diameter dials.

Atomic ForecasterAtomic Forecaster

The Atomic Forecaster is packed with features at an affordable price. Indoor temperature (F/C) and humidity is measured, barometric pressure is numerically displayed in inHg or HPa, and displays a 72 bar history chart, weather forecast icons, and pressure trend indicator. Time and date is radio controlled and set to the Atomic clock in Boulder, Co. Outdoor temperature and humidity can be measured using the optional sensor (up to three can be used). The display operates on 3 AA batteries (not included) and measures 7 1/2" x 6" x 1 1/4".

The WindsorThe Windsor

For a traditional look, the Windsor offers three quality instruments accented by brass colored bezels. This timeless showpiece displays relative humidity, barometric pressure in inches of mercury (inHg), and temperature in degrees F/C. Available in stained mahogany (shown) or solid oak. Maintaining a comfortable environment in your home has never been easier.

Wellfleet Weather StationWellfleet Weather Station

Maintaining a comfortable environment in your home has never been easier. The current temperature and humidity conditions are displayed by the thermometer and hygrometer, while the forecasted conditions are illustrated on the barometer. All instruments are surrounded by brass bezels and framed in mahogany stained hardwood (shown) or solid natural oak.

Wireless Personal ForecasterWireless Personal Forecaster

Newly designed, the wireless Personal Forecaster will keep you up to date with indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, and an accurate weather forecast using icons and trend indicators. The atomic clock is calibrated to within one second over one million years. Max/min temperature values are maintained with a time and date stamp, so you can record exactly when the events occurred. One remote temperature/humidity sensor is included, and has a transmission range of up to 80. Add up to two more units to monitor conditions in other parts of your home, indoors or out, such as your attic, basement, or wine cellar. Both the main unit and remote temp/humidity sensor each operate on 2 AA batteries. Display measures 6 " by 4 " by 1".

The Wave Weather StationThe Wave Weather Station

The Wave Weather Station Sleek artistic lines are accentuated by the beautiful die-cast metallic housing of this multifunctional unit. The LCD displays time of day, date, indoor temperature, indoor humidity and a 12-hour weather forecast. Operates on two AAA batteries (not included) and backlit for night viewing. Measures 5" by 5" by 1".

Narragansett Weather StationNarragansett Weather Station

Narragansett Weather Station With a wooden bezel crafted from finger-jointed alder, this piece will look beautiful whether sitting on a desk or hanging on your wall. Monitoring indoor temperature, indoor humidity and barometric pressure, it measures 7 1/2" by 6 1/4" by 1 1/2" and is available in light oak (shown) or dark mahogany.

Wireless Weather Valet - Wood CaseWireless Weather Valet

When you want to know the conditions at your location and, not the TV weather station, the Wireless Weather Valet will get you the facts. It measures indoor temperature and humidity, wireless outdoor temperature and humidity, and predicts upcoming weather for the next 12-20 hours using graphical icons. The time is calibrated to the atomic clock, and is accurate to within one second over a million years. Time, date, and current moon phase are also displayed. The Valet also stores your max/min temperature values since last reset. Display measures 17 " by 6 " by 1 " and operates on 2 AA batteries. One battery operated remote temperature/humidity sensor is included, and has a transmission range of up to 80. A total of three remotes can be used. Available multiple colors and different wood cases.

The Weather WatchdogThe Weather Watchdog

This well engineered weather center boasts a vast array of monitored conditions. It will continually report back to you on indoor temperature and humidity, wireless outdoor temperature and humidity (with up to an 80 transmission range), the current barometric pressure reading including graphical icons with trend indicators and 30-hour bar graph history, a storm warning indicator, current moon phase, atomic time and date, and the risings and settings of the sun and moon from a pre-programmed database of 250 North American cities. The display measures 10" by 7 " by " and operates on 3 AA batteries. We include one wireless outdoor temperature/humidity sensor (but up to three can be used) which operates on 2 AA batteries.

Maximum ComfortMinderMaximum ComfortMinder

Maximum, Inst. has a long history of building quality weather instruments of outstanding value. The quality shines through in the solid brass casing and spun aluminum (shown) or black matte faces used in these instruments. Measuring 6" in diameter and 4" deep, they look great alone or in multiples. Featuring two important measurements for personal comfort, the ComfortMinder measures temperature and relative humidity. This unit is suitable for use indoors or outdoors in an instrument shelter.

Desktop Weather CompanionDesktop Weather Companion

This stylish weather station is a perfect fit in your home or office. Barometric pressure and indoor temperature displays will keep you up to date on the current conditions. Measuring 7" by 4", the unit has precision French instruments and can operate as a desktop or wall-hanging piece. Available in dark mahogany (shown) or natural light oak.

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